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Jonah: The Depths of Grace

Group type: Women's Study Groups
Schedule: Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm, June 6 - July 18, Room 109
Location: Yardley, PA Venue: Riverstone Church Regularity: Weekly Duration: Limited Childcare: No Day: Wednesday
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Jonah: The Depths of Grace
The story of Jonah and the whale is one of the most famous in the Bible: but its message is perhaps one of the most ignored. 
It's a story about storms and sailors, rebellion, and rescue, preaching and protest. And it's a story about one reluctant evangelist's experience of speaking to people who knew nothing about God. So its message has great relevance for us today.
But most of all this is a story about God. The book of Jonah reveals to us the depths of God's grace, both to outsiders and to insiders. It shows us God's compassion for the lost and His patience with His wayward people. 
Join us as we uncover the wonderful message of Jonah and come face to face with the greatest evangelist of all: the Lord our God Himself. 
No homework will be required for this study – we’ll walk through the book of Jonah together. Be sure each week to bring your Bible and the book you purchase.
Title:  Jonah: the depths of grace
Author:  Stephen Witmer
ISBN:   978-1907377433
Best place to order books:  Amazon
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Homework:  No homework is required for this study
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