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Growth Groups

Growth Groups are the standard small group unit at Riverstone Church. They are mixed groups often, but not always, made up of couples and families that meet 2-4 times a month in a home or at the church for study, prayer, and fellowship. If a group is marked "open," you will be able to contact the leader to inquire about involvement. If the group is marked "closed," it is likely because of space considerations. We are aiming to start new groups throughout the year, so if you can't find a group that fits you, please check back soon to see if new groups are starting!
Roman Growth Group
Biegel Growth Group
Allen Growth Group
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Men's Groups

These small groups are places where we share life together, encouraging each other toward spiritual growth through mutually encouraging relationships and the study of God’s Word. Our small groups are open to men of all ages.
Devlin Men's Group
Reeves Men's Group
Schmitt & Hutchison Men's Group
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Women's Groups

We offer a number of Bible studies for women, varying in length, covering a wide array of topics that meet mornings or evenings throughout the year. We believe one of the best places to grow spiritually and to develop meaningful relationships with other women is in a women’s study group.
Riverstone Preschool Moms
RPM - Philippians: Shining with Joy
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Support Groups

Our Support Groups exist to provide care and encouragement for those enduring specific types of suffering and to help them find the complete sufficiency of Jesus to support them and satisfy them in the midst of their struggle.
Divorce Care
Safe People
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The Riverstone Institute

The Riverstone Institute is a series of classes run on Sunday evenings at Riverstone Church. The primary purpose of TRI classes is to equip and train leaders biblically and theologically to engage in the mission of the church.
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Equipping Track

Courses in our equipping track are geared towards training and developing leaders for basic one-another ministry. Participation in these courses is especially helpful for those leading (or who are interested in leading) other groups.
How People Change (Women) - Thursday AM
How People Change - Tuesday PM
How People Change - Sunday PM
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